Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Top 5 Beers

This is actually very easy for me, since I've probably only ever had 5 different types of beer :) In no particular order:
  1. Kilkenny - the darkest beer I like, Guiness being just a step too far.

  2. Tooheys Extra Dry - TED, 'nuff said.

  3. O'Briens Pale Ale - the "fruity" gluten-free beer that got me the last 6 months through my diet.

  4. Pils - always makes me think of the first Byron Road Trip, where I had 2 of these by the time we got to Dickson.

  5. Cooper's Pale - just because the last 3 beers I've had have been this.

To be honest, though, (say it with me) "Bertie doesn't even like beer".


spud said...

Bertie, you have an atrocious taste in beer. If you weren't the cutest shenanigan i'd be angry. I will combat this list soon

K'Dawg said...

Alright lets start with tap

-Beamish Red. If you ever had the chance to taste this, your taste buds will thank you forever! Worst day in my drinking life was when they stopped impoting this king of Red ales. 6 or 7 of these and you're really finished.

-Little Creatures Pale Ale. WA beer from memory. Bottle okay but the poured version is fantastic.

-Boags Strongarm. So many nights at the Phoenix on this gem. They still make the bottled edition, but sadly the tap dried up early this year.

-Carlton Draught. Domestic. Pedestrian. Functionable. Reliable. And doesn't taste too bad either.

-Cooper' Pale Ale. Arrh drunken nights at the Pot. The first one is alright, then your mouth is aclimatised for the best second beer of your life.


K'Dawg said...

And now bottled beer.

-Sam Miguel Super Dry. This is what we drank the day we infiltrated the members area of the races. It is the Super TED.

-TED. My fail safe, drink - all day and half the night beer. beware of the occassional bad batches!

-Corona A St George's will also do... but not quite. With a slice of Lime, and a trip to Byron... you too can celebrate Mexican day!

VB Original. Now I have been know to start off big nights with a VB... but here is a VB that you want to drink. Yet to try it on tap.

Bullock's Pilsner. Fan-foogoo-tastic. First one I had was free and I gladly would of paided $7 for this snowy river gem. This is not a cheap beer, but absolutely worth it.