Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Shenanigans Files

The Shenanigans Files

Just so everyone knows, Game 6 today. Miami 3-2. Wade Won game 5 on two free throws (and 43 points) after foul on Nowitzki with 1.9 on the clock. People say there was no foul. They are half right. There was no foul on Nowitzki. If you can get hold of the footage (or if bertie can explain to my idjit ass how to upload pics on to this) you'll see that Devin Harris is holding (proper holding...not slapping) Wade's right arm.

The refs pinged the wrong guy but made the rightish call. Anyway, we go back to Dallas to see the last 2. And trust me there will be 7 games here. I still can't believe that Dwayne Wade is doing what he is doing. Its too much .

But i suppose you gotta start believing in this kid. This finals has been one the most amazing personal displays i've ever seen. The only worry is that everyone in the league tries to copy the Heat and we go back to one superstar stand-around ball instead of the Phoenix style run-and-gun. Cos i hate Baron Davis. And watching teams like Phoenix, Dallas, Clippers, Spurs play the kinda ball they have is a thing of beauty.

And if White Men Can't Jump taught us nothing else, it showed us that a thing of beauty should be a joy forever.

John Keats....that's my man.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

K'Dawg's Music Korner

Welcome back! You’re currently tuned to KDWG Radio with your host K. This time I thought we take a look at a much (much) easier listen… but, but they’re French! Now let me start to relieve your fears… this isn’t a world music thing, like a real Frenchy band. No, this band sings in English and are basically a pop band. Now let’s continue.

French outfit, Phoenix very recently released their third album It’s Never Been Like That. Some of you may of heard of them as Triple J gave them a fairly decent spin back in 2000 with their debut album, United. The biggest song with the most overplays from this album, "Funky Squaredance." With catchy tunes to a lush 70’s Euro-disco and (close to a) porn movie guitar sound, they impressed me. It was no surprise to me that Phoenix started as support band for Air and had members from both Daft Punk and Cassius help them out with their debut. Also I had this band really drummed into me – we had one particular employee at Impact Records (rip) play the ba’jesus out of the first album… only to do the same in 2004 when their (a tad lack lustre) follow-up arrived. But Alphabetical still had that flourishing sweet crisp pop-rock very comparable to their first release (although now with a slight country feel).

Two years later the disco backbeat is replaced by an actual drummer and with guitar rifts that could be at home on a Strokes or, more importantly, a Smiths tune (i.e. "This Charming Man"). The lyrical content is as strong as ever with a sweet vocal styling telling a story now minus all the female backups and slicker than slick production from the previous releases. After the first strangely catchy song, one can get more comfortable remembering the Phoenix of old, just with an upbeat twin guitar driven feel that lasts the whole album. This album shows a band in evolution. They already had a rather distinctive sound built on layers of synth-elecltro and old disco, now that gives way to the guitars with a more acoustic pop sound – these styles merge seamlessly and the group moves on to cement their own chic. Can’t wait for the next one.

KKKK (A solid four Ks)

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Who's Your Fucktard?

Yay Soccer Australia for living up to their potential and beat those dirty Japanese. It was payback after they bombed Darwin and torpedoed shit. But fuck Les Murray for trying to extradite the English language by using the term foot-A-ball nine times in about four consecutive sentences… except the very last utterance was inexplicitly (simply) foot-ball. I love the fact you can accurately pronounce foreign words (to what I can only assume) to such a degree that no nation could find fault. But trying to inject another syllable into a rather straightforward English word? For what? To empathise the name of the “beautiful” game? Fucktard.

Friday, June 16, 2006

The Shenanigans Files

The Shenanigans Files:
Fucking orright!! We got ourselves a freaking series!

After what can only be termed a scary situation (whereby I though we were looking at a match-up akin to the Lakers-Nets debacle in back in the day (2002?)), Miami decided they should use their size (duh) to beat up the Mavs and level the series at 2 a piece.

The first two games both pretty much saw the Mavs dismantle the Heat. Shaq looked old again, Wade stuggled, Walker chucked and Payton played like me ( bad? Slow? Un-skilled? All are appropriate).

However, after what can only be termed as a Jordan-esque performance from Wade in Game 3 (he dragged the Heat back from 13 down with only 6 to go in the game), the Heat thoroughly dominated the Mavs in Game 4 and ended up winning by like 20.


I am now going to make my bold (see stupid—Hey, I said we might lose to the Rats) prediction of the afternoon…

The Mavs will win this in six.

Let me clarify. After watching the first game of this series I learnt two things.

I desparetly want the Heat to win.
I don’t think they can.

I was proved right for two games. Then Wade decided to carry the Heat to two wins.

I still don’t think the Heat can win again. The Mavs have too many offensive options. The Heat have been lucky that Dirk hasn’t shown up yet, and that Josh Howard has largely been ineffectual offensively (especially today when he shot 1-8). The heat can’t expect more than what they got today out of Walker, Payton etc so for them to win 2 of the next 3 games, it will require that Wade play two out-of-his-skin games. I think he’s hurt and I don’t think he’s got it in him.

Meanwhile, I know Dirk is going to put 40 on these guys soon. Udonis Haslem is fantastic, but he’ll only keep Dirk quiet for so long….

So long and short i'm excited but wary. Kinda like when i see Ando...

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Shenanigans Files

The Shenanigans Files

15 Dan Thoughts.

1. Do you find it odder that the Yanks are ranked number 5 in the world in football, or that they think that this is a legitimate ranking? Sort of reminds of when South Africa was the number 1 test team in the world.
2. I think it’s funny that Australia has gone world cup mad. Rexona, the Footy Show etc. People showing their complete lack of understanding of the game.
3. I also think it’s funny that for some reason I think my support of Australia is so much more genuine and born out of a deep seated love and knowledge of football. What’s the bet everyone deems it a failure if we don’t make the second round?
4. I’m fascinated by sporting coincidence and superstition. On Monday I watched the Raiders win despite the ref trying to bone us. And then saw the Socceroos win despite the ref trying to bone us
5. Then that could just be me thinking every ref is trying to bone my team.
6. Did you notice I’ve been calling it football so far? It was deliberate. I’m trying to prove how much more I genuinely love football than you.
7. If you have made it this far you’re a sad person. Get a hobby or pay more attention to your significant other. Or if your Ando…Dude, look behind you, there’s a big fucking country to look at.
8. Are you one of the stupid people who think this country is over-taxed? You should compare us to the rest of the developed world. You would be surprised. We’re the second lowest taxing developed country. The US, with its shambolic health, education and social security system is first, and not a good example to follow. You should start reading Ross Gittens at He’s smarter than you are.
9. I don’t like saying it, but I fear the Ginninderra Rats this year. Potential Bogey team status.
10. I want Shaq to go old school. Dunkin on fools! (White Chocolate!)
11. Kev go fuck yourself for living in Queensland. It was -5 when I got to work this morning. My shirt had snap-frozen itself ironed.
12. Did you know it costs 10,000 Euros to go to do a Masters at Edinburgh University? I’m looking at Oxford too, but can’t find the price. Maybe it’s like the old saying…if there’s no price on the menu then you probably can’t afford it.
13. While I’m at it…it’s hilarious that the ALP would upset its core voters by attacking public education in the way it has in Canberra. Brilliant boys…why didn’t you just start shooting Labor voters?
14. Kam i loved you're blog. I read it too. Keep em coming
15. I also love Tim Cahill. More than you.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

K’Dawg’s Music Korner

Welcome to K’Dawg’s Music Korner or KDWG Radio. I’m here to talk about long dear love, music. Each week or so I will pick an album that says something. Consider this a M.A.N. education programme (as part of B.U.). So I not going to write a review of why Revolver is truly a better album than Sgt Peppers or advise you not to tell anyone you don’t own Blonde On Blonde. Hopefully I will be talking about albums you won’t of heard or more importantly would be likely to hear. So to kick off I’m going to start off with an album you are unlikely to want to even pick up.

Cough (2004)

Second release from Washington, DC’s the Black Eyes makes an even harder listen then their debut a year earlier (which was a top 10 for me in 2003). It’s punk all right. It’s anarchic without question, but is it still music? Cough finds The Black Eyes at one of those magnificent musical crossroads where many artists find all goes to shit, but despite the odds can produce remarkable outcomes. Albums like Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours or Green Day’s American Idiot are two examples you might know… but unlike those bands that have leapt their own personal and/or external hurdles… Black Eyes simply run straight into it. Highlights include the lead track with impossible loops of sound, bible verses and featuring the two lead singers (and I use the word singer as loose as I ever have) jockeying for airtime, the remarkable third track “Drums”… and that’s about it. The rest of the album is a roller coaster of noise upon noise and vaguely put together lyrics, which in different circumstances could of surpassed their first release and possibly started them on a road towards achievements like ‘labelmates’ Fugazi’s brilliant The Argument. Cough is by no means just “white noise” and, damn it, there are some really good (not just promising) bits. The last few tracks of the album are a lot easier to deal with (still quite disjointed), but lose vigour as the trade off and just ain't much chop.

It is undoubtable that few Shenaniga (or indeed humans) could listen to album all the way through. Gone are the original proto-punk tunes of their self-titled debut album, replaced with a prog-punk sound, not in early gestation, but rather in dying throughs. Chaotic, violent and ‘squonky’ (read the constant intrusion with a broken reed sax). So I hear the question, “Jesus, K! Why the fuck should I even give a rat’s arse?” Well allow me to retort. As I mentioned earlier, there is a certain calibre of album that comes from, and more importantly OVER comes turmoil. Cough is quite the opposite. This five piece (two bassist, two drummers and guitar) broke up shortly before this album was released. These recordings are of a band in free-fall and self-destruction… and everyone’s throwing fuel on the fire. It’s a fascinating snap-shot of a band falling apart and like true punks – they don’t care!

Released by Discord records and produced by… satan on smack. And the album art looks like stuff I did in college. Ready to borrow for the K’Vaults NOW.

KK½ (Two and a half Ks)

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Shenanigans Files

The Shenanigans Files

Confessions of a torn junkie.

Dear fucktards.

I’ve got a confession to make (and it has absolutely nothing to do with mine and Ando’s relationship). I can’t work out who I want to win the Finals.

In case you haven’t noticed (although, since its only Kev and Sid who might read this, you probably have) Dallas will play the Heat in the finals.

So I’m getting this off my chest.


Not the one in Sydney…notice the Q instead of the CK. I want him to win. But….


Not old, classic Dirk but new Dirk hero….real taste, no sugar.

I love that Shaq looks young every now and then (like when he drop-stepped into a pump-reverse jam like he was 24 against the Pistons in Game 2, causing me lose my tits…figuratively, not literally…calm down skank). Game 6 against the pistons he did the old shaq fuck-you-i-want-to-win. Did you read that? WANT. Key. Fuck it. He’s my hero.

I love that Dirk suddenly worked out that he is 7 foot tall and that little people can’t block him. His 3 point play against the Spurs in Game 7 was an amazing, I’ll remember it forever (even though I didn’t actually watch it till after work). His 50 in Game 5 (scoring 24 of 34 Mavs points at one stage). Jeebus.

Anyway, I have no idea who’ll win. I though the Pistons would walk through the East. And who would’ve know that Dirk would finally visit the Wizard of Oz.

WOOO. Fuck you all. I love it!